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Icon: Binder What is Central File?

Central File is an effective tool for keeping essential information, in one spot.  Central File is a high quality and durable binder that has been designed and manufactured in British Columbia.  We make it easy for every household to get organized and stay organized.

We know the details get fuzzy over time.  We know that spouses often have a division of duties with one in charge of paperwork and finances.  You can avoid leaving your spouse or family in the dark.  All benefits due to you and your estate will be known.

Icon: Papers How it Works

Central File is easy to use and will neatly organize your personal information in a simple way.  We provide pre-printed tabs to make sorting and finding information easy.  You will receive guidance on what personal information is essential to collect and file in your new binder.  There is also a binder pocket to store odd-sized items.

Be assured that the right information will available at the right time.  When we ask someone to act for us, as an Executor or as an Attorney under a Power of Attorney, we impose a great responsibility.  You can make it easier to determine the extent of your estate by using a Central File.

Icon: Cart How to Purchase

You can purchase a Central File directly from us.  Please email to receive a quote including shipping.

Central File can also be purchased from your local Notary Public.  Currently, the following legal professionals have Central File available for purchase at their office:

$35 + tax